We are proud to reveal our updated brand identity. In October of 2017 we sought the help of Butler Branding to help us better connect to the clients we serve by clarifying our message and aligning our brand to our true roots. At Sarkhosh Insurance Agency we have always been a champion for small to mid-sized businesses as they’re the fuel of our economy. We also work in a fun, innovative, fast-paced environment that is ideal for professionals who want to work in a lifestyle business.

Through in-depth strategy, Butler was able to help us articulate our brand’s messaging as well as visually communicate our work culture and environment. The result is… well, see for yourself!

It started with a thorough look at the Sarkhosh brand from every angle. We started with defining our “why”, which is “to be a champion for small to mid-sized businesses”. From there everything else would flow.

We wanted to enhance the user experience of our website, making it extremely simple for visitors to navigate no matter what computer or device they were browsing from.

Our updated identity design is more modern and progressive with a slight edge, while simultaneously familiar and personable.

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